What we do

We are a web, mobile, and cloud software development company based in Budapest, Hungary; Szeged, Hungary; London, UK and Cebu, Philippines. Our Team-as-a-Service programme can provide ready-made development teams for rapid development of your new projects or programmes. We provide onshore resources in UK, Ireland, Germany and USA. We combine the right blend of on-client-site working and onshore/nearshore/offshore development service delivery to create mission critical enterprise web applications and mobile apps for our clients.  We work with technical and marketing agencies and for brands directly across multiple industry sectors including Motivation, Loyalty, Mobile, Media, Financial Services and Automotive. 

  • Dealer & Reseller Marketing Software

    Dealer & Reseller Marketing Software

    Manufacturers are keen to drive business through their established dealer & reseller networks. Dealer & reseller marketing software is a key way of doing this. We deliver solutions which are targeted at resellers with the ability to taylor communication partners based on customer insight.

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  • Loyalty, Reward, Recognition & Incentives Systems

    Loyalty, Reward, Recognition & Incentives Systems

    Over the past 10 years we have built a specialism for platforms that service programmes in consumer loyalty, reward, staff recognition & channel incentives. Platforms we work with can integrate a number of elements of motivation solutions and may combine say incentive and reward platforms toprovide an integrated solution.

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  • Our Own Training and Conference Centre

    Our Own Training and Conference Centre

    In order to keep our staff up to date with the latest technology and industry trends we own our own training and conference centre which is 50 minutes outside of Budapest. It is used for client meetings and staff offsites and team building. The centre is based at Pronay Castle which the company has lovingly restored. Some of the castle dates from the 17 th century.

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  • Customer Lifecycle Management

    Customer Lifecycle Management

    We've led major Digital Marketing project with leading brands over the past 15 years. Our main focus has been around consumer loyalty. We also have provided Dealer and Reseller Marketing platforms for targeting dealers and to provide tools for Dealers to send on-brand messages to their audience. We have also operated a number of product ownership programmes. Our specialism is the provison of Customer Lifecycle Management solutions particularly for the financial services and payments communities. We provide digital marketing platforms that can provided by global brands to support their local subsidiaries to provide product information and customer engagement to B2B audiences. We deliver Loyalty and Customer Lifecycle Management solutions based on the world leading Mautic framework. Our solutions work across eMail, SMS, Direct Mail, and calls – buy providing the right proposition for the ideal ‘Next Step’.

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  • Innovative Automotive Systems Capability

    Innovative Automotive Systems Capability

    We have had over 17 years of Automotive systems experience working with a global major luxury car brand group in the UK. Initially we worked on vehicle sales and leasing solutions, then moving on to main consumer websites.

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  • Near-Shore Software Development in Hungary

    Near-Shore Software Development in Hungary

    Near-shore software development provides an affordable solution to outsourcing IT development work. We think that the term ‘near’ means that the resources working on your project are reasonably close at hand. Usually we can make a 9am meeting flying into most major cities in Europe. Near-shore development gives you an outsourcing option where you are able to flex your labour up and down to meet project needs.

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  • Mobile Apps – Specialists in Social Gifting, Reward and Payment

    Mobile Apps – Specialists in Social Gifting, Reward and Payment

    We really understand the reward and social gifting app space. We’ve worked with iOS and Android to deliver these solutions.

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  • Offshore Outsourcing for North America from Hungary

    Offshore Outsourcing for North America from Hungary

    We do provide offshore support to companies in both America and Canada, so although we are distant to these geographies we can make the time zone work. We use social media connection during the client working day to stay in touch. We start the project face to face in territory and stay in touch closely during the project.

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  • Budapest Software Centre Owned by the Company

    Budapest Software Centre Owned by the Company

    We are own our own software development centre in Budapest in a purpose built building in a prosperous suburb in North Buda in Csillaghegy. We are close to the M50 motorway and the suburb has its own suburban railway stop. Budapest has several major technical universities and our staff many of whom are educated to Master’s level and above are attracted to quality of life at p92 and we achieve a very low staff turnover rate for the IT industry.

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  • Technologies of Java, Ruby, PHP & .Net

    Technologies of Java, Ruby, PHP & .Net

    We have had a core competency in developing mission critical Java applications for over 17 years. We build, maintain and support complex Java systems and leverage technologies such as the Liferay Portal Management System and the Hippo Content Management System. High resilience and ultra-secure mission critical apps are usually developed in Java. We have been working with Ruby-on-Rails for over 5 years and have developed complex solutions in the Motivation Systems world. Our Ruby developers are passionate about their relatively new approach and work quickly to build new solutions with the flexible Rails framework. We have been working with PHP for over 15 years, and develop bespoke solutions and platforms based on Wordpress & Drupal for websites, Magento for online stores and Mautic for Digital Marketing Programmes. We work with Laravel & Zend, Symfony, and Yii 2..Net solutions are a key part of our technology solution. We provide end to end solutions uisng Microsoft .Net and Windows Apps. We support legacy solutions based on VBA, Outlook and early ASP, and transform them over time to full MVC .Net solutions. Our .Net solutions cover application areas such as wholesaling, distribution, retail and broking.

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