Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

Ruby is an object-oriented language which focuses on simplicity, productivity and developer happiness. Ruby on Rails takes advantage of these to provide an easy to use MVC framework that can help to build your web applications as fast as possible. It provides everything you need with a large ecosystem that you can rely on. It helps you quickly build your prototype and start your online business as soon as possible. It is successfully used by many start-ups and large companies like Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify and Airbnb. It inspired many frameworks written in other languages like Laravel in PHP.

P92 has more than 5 years of experience working on Ruby and Ruby on Rails projects and in that time have completed many applications for customers as well as for our own corporate usage. It can be used flexibly, to build either a full website or for REST API only.

UK FMCG Retailer Project

This project is an incentive platform for reatiler outlets in the UK we worked in support of our partner CR Worldwide. The site that P92 developed is built on top of Ruby on Rails 4 and achieves the goal of enabling retailers to reach the highest standards of retailing and move their business forward.

Ireland FMCG Retailer Project

This project is a completely rewritten version of the UK programme designed specifically for the Irish market.

The site provides a range of functionalities for retailer outlet owners such as ordering FMCG products, managing their staff and collecting rewards through incentive campaigns.

It provides a RESTful API that is built on the latest version of Ruby on Rails 5 and serves a React-based single page application.

Channel Partner Programme

This Channel Partner Programme is a ‘Prize Centre’ - an incentive site which is built on top of Ruby on Rails 4 and was developed in partnership with CR Worldwide and a leading global IT company. It provides a fine-grained incentive campaign builder, integration of a Global Rewards catalogue where retailers can spend their points.